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An Open Letter from The Geller Commission Committee

Today marks a significant step in our collective efforts to address the national crisis of dementia that it has been estimated affects one in two people in the United Kingdom. The growing number of people living with a diagnosis, combined with a strained health care system has led to a concerning rise in prolonged or avoidable hospitalisations, worsening the symptoms for many of those living with dementia.

As representatives of the sector, we are supporting the Geller Commission. Our goal is to enhance the lives of those living with dementia and mitigate the ongoing economic impact on our country by reducing unwarranted or avoidable dementia-related hospital occupancy in England. Data forecasts project that dementia will cost the UK economy over £50 billion per annum by 2025, equivalent to £1 billion per week.

The financial burden on the public purse is evident, but the human cost for millions of families across the country grappling with the reality of a dementia diagnosis on a daily basis is immeasurable. The Geller Commission will focus on every stage of an individual’s journey, from pre-admission to hospital discharge. To address the root causes of avoidable hospitalisation, we will leverage a range of innovative resources including leading research and expertise from technology to nutrition.

Today, we are launching a nationwide public consultation to provide a platform for those directly impacted by dementia. We invite input from everyone across the spectrum, from nurses to neurologists, caregivers to those receiving care. Local government, charities, public health bodies, and carers all have a crucial role in supporting those living with dementia, and we seek your lived experiences to guide our review.

It is through this collaborative effort that we can pave the way for improvement. Together, we can instigate positive change by presenting a comprehensive framework to reduce hospitalisations and enhance hospital care.

Signed by the members of The Geller Commission